WIPA stands for “Web Insurance Plan Account”. 

A WIPA is what we call the account associated with your registered Web Property. The WIPA houses a "help desk" type dashboard that acts as a miniature navigation center for each WIP Client. Click the link to learn more about WIPA and how to register for one.

Here are some things that you can do in your WIPA:

 Submit your editing request (WIC) using our support ticketing system.
 View editing requests you have already in queue.

 View your past and present invoices, make a payment, print transactions, and more.
 View your current Web Property vital information such as active keywords, page names, Griotcoin balances, and more.
 Submit Emergency Web Work Orders (WWO), view status of active Web Work Order.
 Edit your profile information, change your password, change your primary email address, and more.
 View open contracts, defaulted contracts, and/or closed contracts.
 View/download legal documents such as your Web Insurance Policy, Policy Addons, and more.
 View your Web Security Information, renewal dates, type of Web Security System installed, and more.

Don't have an active WIP? Learn how to enroll here.

Our firm designs Web Properties (websites) for small businesses and startups. We are committed to providing a simple and affordable way for  Web Property Owners to maintain their website. Web Insurance Plans are only available to GriotSites Web Property Owners. Join the GriotSites Family and enjoy exclusive Web Tools and Services.

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