Comprehensive WIP Coverage is just right for you if you are on the go but need to schedule your updates ahead of time. With all the coverage from Basic WIP Coverage, The Compressive WIP Coverage is definitely the right fit with the added features such as live phone support, yearly domain renewal, and level 1 marketing/ branding consultation to keep your Web Property looking fresh.

All Comprehensive Web Insurance Plans Include:

✓  Monthly check for Web Property visibility
✓  Monthly Check for bandwidth/disk usage

✓  Account Change notices such as expired domains, property suspension, etc.
✓  Social Media button link checker

✓  Basic keyword inspection/suggestions
✓  Broken Text link checker

✓  Image Link checker
✓  Image resizing

✓  Level I Web Marketing & Branding Consultation  
✓  Add and/or remove text (content), hyperlinks, images

✓ Copyright/Legal footer yearly update
✓  Scheduled Account Updates
✓  Yearly Domain Renewal

✓  Web Hosting Services
✓  Email, and Ticket support

This service is only for those Web Properties developed by GriotSites Web Hosting & Designs™.