A Web Insurance Claims Adjuster or WICA investigates GriotSites web insurance claims that are beyond the scope of our WIP Specialist. WICAs are GriotSites Admins who are authorized to perform such activities as reversing charges, providing refunds, credits, or other available steps that may need to be taken to rectify an escalated situation.

WICAs also make the final decision on all account issues such as account violations, account terminations, etc. Investigations performed by WICAs may include consulting with WIP Specialists, and inspecting the Web Property "damage claim" to determine the extent of the WPO's complaint.

Our firm designs Web Properties (websites) for small businesses and startups. We are committed to providing a simple and affordable way for  Web Property Owners to maintain their website. Web Insurance Plans are only available to GriotSites Web Property Owners. Join the GriotSites Family and enjoy exclusive Web Tools and Services.

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