There are a few reasons why you might need to downgrade your web insurance:

  • Your web traffic has decreased and you don't need the extra monitoring services that may be offered in your current plan.  
  • Your updating behavior/activities has decreased. Business has slowed down and your traffic did too.
  • You can't handle your current WIPP and need to lower the cost of your web maintenance services.
  • You now have the time, skills and/or tools to perform the additional monthly recommended tasks when it comes to maintaining a Web Property.

Downgrading your account does not require account approval as it does when upgrading your WIP; however, the process is still the same. The status of your WIPA is not a factor if you need to change to a lower WIP Service. 

To Downgrade your current WIP

1. Create a ticket requesting the account change. 

2. Fill in the required WIP Client field using your primary email address associated with your WIP Forum credentials used when logging into the forum. If the address submitted is incorrect, a WIP Specialist will contact you if they are familiar with your WIPA. An email verification is needed to officially verify your account before the request is processed and approved.

3. In the "Subject" field, enter the following text WIPA DOWNGRADE REQUEST

4. Copy and paste the following red text in the "Description" field of the new ticket so that a WIP Specialist is clear on the changes you are requesting.

I am the WPO of (name the url of your Web Property) requesting to downgrade my WIPA to (name the desired WIP - BasicComprehensive, or Full). Thank You.

5.  A WIP Specialist will process the request, and upon completion, a request is submitted to the billing department who will in turn create and issue to you an invoice reflecting the new upgrade changes. The premium is due upon receipt in order to activate the new upgrade plan.

Get the FAQs

+How do I upgrade my Web Insurance Plan?

Visit this link if you wish to upgrade your current WIP Service.

+Where can I see my current plan?

Visit your WIP Dashboard located here. If you do not see a folder for your registered Web Property and you have an active WIPA, create a ticket letting a WIP Specialist know. 

+Can I upgrade my plan in the middle of the premium cycle?

The answer is yes and no. We discourage changing plans in the middle of the premium cycle to keep from interfering or upsetting the current payment cycle. 

+When will my new WIP Service start once I am approved for the upgrade?

Because we prefer to start your new upgrade with a clean slate, account changes are applied on the date of the WIPP renewal.  Even if you purchase the upgrade before the renewal date, the service is not activated until the scheduled WIPP renewal date. 

+How do I cancel WIP altogether?

To cancel your WIP Account click here.

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