According to Wikipedia, A Web crawler or "spider bot" is an Internet bot which systematically browses the World Wide Web, typically for the purpose of Web indexing.

Web search engines and some other Web Properties use Web crawling or "spidering" software to update their web content or indexes of others sites' web content. Spider bots can copy all the webpages they visit for later processing by a search engine which indexes the downloaded pages so the users can search much more efficiently.

Spider bots consume resources on the systems they visit and often visit sites without approval. Issues of schedule, load, and "politeness" come into play when large collections of pages are accessed. Mechanisms exist for public sites not wishing to be crawled to make this known to the crawling agent.

As the number of pages on the internet is extremely large, even the largest crawlers fall short of making a complete index.
Crawlers can validate hyperlinks and HTML code.

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