Some Clients have businesses that are constantly running promotions, contests, and product or service sales. Depending on the amount of content being removed and replaced on a regular basis, there are circumstances when the entire web page is needed to be replaced. 

If the content on a web page is replaced in its entirety, the original web file may be stored or "reserved" for up to 6 months. These web pages are not included in your actual web page count, but are available if the WPO decides to restore a previous web page. 

Reserved Web Pages are not guaranteed to be stored correctly. If space becomes limited, "Reserved Web Pages" will be deleted to free up needed space on the server.

What are the fees

To restore a (1) Reserved Web Page, the following fees will apply;

WIP Clients

Pay with 1 Griotcoin or 3 Posting Credits.

Non-WIP Clients

Pay $35 or 1 Griotcoin per Web Page.

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