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2021 is approaching and it is time to start thinking about updating your copyright statement located in the footer of your custom Web Property. We've put together an article regarding copyright statements and what you should do to change yours. Here are some of the highlights of this article:


 Who is the Copyright Holder, You or Your Web Developer? (FAQ)
What's Included in the Copyright Statement?

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✓ D.I.Y: How to change your Copyright Footer Statement

 Learn how to submit a request for Copyright Legal Statement changes to WIP.

✓ Copyright Statement Service Deals

The ©opyright statement tells Site Visitor that you are the owner of the content on your Web Property. The Copyright date found in this statement is designed to give Site Visitors the knowledge of how long your "online site property" has been established. Should any copyright questions or complaints arise, the ©opyright statement provides the legal name of the business or WPO for reference.

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Your Web Property is not a template, therefore; each web page must be edited in order to change the copyright statement. For this reason, we have to schedule your maintenance time to accommodate all insured properties in a timely manner.

It is NOT a good idea to plan any new updates that you may need for your Web Property during the week of the copyright update (also known as "Blackout Dates" while we are working on your codes.

Refrain from planning any new updates that you may need for your Web Property during the week of the copyright updating session. Submitting WIC Request Tickets during this time will slow down the process of manually updating each web page. During your scheduled Copyright update week, you will be blocked (also called "Blackout dates") from submitting any WIC Request Ticket requests.

  • If you submit ticket requests during the "Blackout" Session, they will NOT be processed.

A Ticket will be created and a notice will go out to each WPO during the first week of December 2020 with the actual date(s) regarding the maintenance schedule for all 
insured Web Properties that have this service included.

During the scheduled "maintenance" week, your Web Property's presence will remain online while we work on your web pages. We promise to be super quiet while we work so your site visitors won't know that we are there. After the edits are completed, all web pages are published to the web at once.

Web Property Owners (WPO) who subscribe to Comprehensive or Full WIP (Web Insurance Plans) will automatically receive this update.

 WPO's who are not insured or do not have the copyright service included in their WIP (such as the Basic WIP) during this maintenance week can submit a ticket to request our Copyright Services. The fees for this service are located here.

 Request Copyright Statement Services

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