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Is Your Web Property Copyright Statement Updated To 2022 Yet?
When you create something new, copyright laws automatically give you full ownership rights to your creation. 
Web Properties are real "virtual" properties that represent the content owner or their products and services. Web Properties can be sold, exchanged, rented or stolen just like real property, and it is for this reason copyright laws apply for online properties.

Who is the Copyright Holder, You or Your Web Developer?
Since you are the creator of the content that is housed on your Web Property, you are the copyright holder of the content. The Web designer or developer is NOT the ©opyright holder and do not own any content on your Web Property unless stated otherwise. The only name that should appear with the © symbol is your business or legal name.

If you take a look at the bottom of your Web Property/website, there is a copyright statement of some sort on each web page. This statement was included during the development of your 
custom Web Property unless you created the Site yourself using one of our site builders.

Is It Mandatory to Include a Copyright Statement and/or Symbol?
Although not mandatory, we do recommend including the ©opyright statement when hosting content online. If nothing more, the ©opyright statement can speak to potential "thieves" who may visit your Web Property for the sole purpose of finding something to copy and redistribute without your consent whether it be images or text. The ©opyright statement says to the Site Visitor that you are the owner of the content, and who they can contact should the need arises regarding your Products and Services.

What's Included in the Copyright Statement?
The copyright information indicates the last year your Web Property's ©opyright statement was updated. If the ©opyright statement on your Web Property is over a year old, there is a good chance that the Site has not been touched in about that length of time. You, the WPO (Web Property Owner) who takes good care of your Web Property, will make sure that the ©opyright statement on your Site is updated within 30 days of the statement's expiration period. So, to be frank; Web Properties should have their ©opyright statement updated in the first week of January to reflect the new year. The latest to have this done is by January 31st, or remove it altogether if you rather not have a ©opyright statement.

Displaying Logos of Other Businesses.
If logos included on your Web Property are owned by someone else, it is HIGHLY recommended to ask for permission to display their logo on your Site beforehand. It is also recommended to check the terms and services of the logo's owner to see if they have laid out restrictions for using their content and/or logos. If you do obtain permission, make sure it's in writing for your records. Include a small text along with your ©opyright statement. It can say something like this:

(Name of their business) logos are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of their respective owners.

 Request Copyright Statement Services

 View All Articles Regarding Web property Copyright Statements

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