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 D.I.Y: How to change your Copyright Footer Statement

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If you have basic HTML knowledge or can follow directions very well, this guide will show you how to update your copyright statement found in the footer of your Web PropertyClick to return to the main web page.

Please note that we cannot offer assistance at this time with the information included in this tutorial. If you find that this is all foreign to you, submit a ticket request to order our Copyright Services.

Step 1

Login to your cPanel account 

Once logged in, locate your URL and click on the orange cP logo to enter your Web Property's dashboard.

Step 2

Once logged in, scroll to the "FILES" section to click on the "File Manager" icon. This will take you inside of the server space that houses your HTML web page files.

Step 3

After clicking the "File Manager" icon, the next screen you should see is a list of your Web Property's web pages. Locate the "public_html" folder in the left column and click it to open up the files in this folder.

Step 4

It's time to edit each web page of your Web Property. Now that the public_html folder is open, locate the first web page to edit the file. Notice there are two files showing with the same file name. One file is the CSS file and the other is the HTML or PHP file. The one you need to modify is the one with the "html" extension, so right-click on the icon to go deeper into the server.

Click the "Edit" link after right-clicking on a web file.

Step 5

You are now entering the text editor. If you see the screen below with the warnings, you are in the right place so congratulations. Now, it's worth repeating that if you are not comfortable with editing HTML files, please find someone who does or submit a request for our team to do it for you. If you mess up the code in your file and do not have a backup copy, you can request for us to recode the web page at $45 per web page.

Click on the "Edit" button to enter the actual HTML file of your chosen web page.

Step 6

Does your screen look like the image below? This is the brains of your web page. This is the backdoor of your Web Property. This is written in a language that you may have heard of but didn't really know what it was, let alone how to understand it. The screen you are looking at may seem intimidating, but knowing how to command the web page to function a certain way just by editing the code can be exciting. Okay, maybe it only seems exciting to those of us who work with codes daily.

The easiest way to locate the copyright date is to do a document search by using the keyword "copy". Once you locate the copyright statement in the footer, go ahead and change it to the new year. Do not add or omit any information from the original text. Whatever changes you make on this screen will reflect on your Web Property the moment you save the changes, so change the date only in the format it is written Don't forget to save your changes to publish to the internet. These changes cannot be undone after closing this web page.

 Request Copyright Statement Services

 View All Articles Regarding Web property Copyright Statements

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