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The date content is published to the internet is the copyright date for that content. This is a general rule, but as we know, rules are constantly changing. It may be in your best interest to go one step further and register your content with the official US Copyright office. You can submit your application on their Web Property at copyright.gov. Be prepared to pay the registration fee during the application process starting at $35 (see Fees). Download Guide on Registration for Websites here.  

The application may be somewhat of a challenge if this is your first time submitting one for a copyright. There are several online services that offer to date-stamp your web files to prove you claimed the content on a certain date. This is helpful if someone says that you are using their content without their permission. At the very least, these services can prove who possibly published it to the internet first.

We've researched Copyrighted.com and found that it appears to be a legit business for over 15 years with very little negative reviews. They offer other services as well so check them out if you are interested. 

Note: To use the services at Copyrighted.com, you have to add a bit of code to your webpage's HTML once they provide it to you in your account. This will need to be done in order to copy your files and monitor your site property. You can access your HTML files through your cPanel, but only do so if you have basic HTML knowledge. If you need our assistance getting verified, submit a ticket to WIP requesting this billable service.

Copyright Footer Statement Updating Service

If your Web Property is covered under the WIP (Web Insurance Plans™), check your coverage to see if the copyright service is included. The two plans that offer this service are the Comprehensive and Full coverage WIPs. If your plan doesn't cover this service, you are responsible for making sure this statement is updated on your Web Property.

We offer a full copyright statement service to update each web page on your Web Property. Our Copyright service now offers a new bit of code that will take care of this update for you in the future without having to manually do it. View prices 

 Request Copyright Statement Services

 View All Articles Regarding Web property Copyright Statements

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