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At GriotSites Web Hosting & Designs, we are wishing you an enjoyable and fulfilling journey to/in your success! 

It is our wish that you are satisfied with the products and/or services being provided to you by GriotSites Web Hosting & Designing Firm, BUT we really don't have any way of knowing for sure unless we just outright ask... so here it goes.

We assume that you are super busy with your online management, but, can we ask of a small favor by doing one or all of the items below?


Because we only post REAL feedback, regardless of good or bad, it is our practice to ask this favor of all who utilize our services and/or products. Of course, we do value your time and opinion, so, as a small token of our appreciation, we are offering to update your Copyright Statement Footer at *no charge!

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  A review of us on Google.. Your assessment of products and services you've experienced so far will not only encourage our Web Specialists to make our products and services better, but will also help others to discover GriotSites if they are needing our assistance in getting online. Your feedback will grab major search engines' attention and help our rankings online. 

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  A review of us on Facebook.. Help us get the word out! Your review on Facebook will help us tremendously in their internal search engines. This will help us reach more on that particular platform. 

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  A Private Review. If you want us to hear your views but NOT publish them on our Web Properties and Social Media Channels, send your feedback directly to us*.

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Important Legal Stuff We Must Tell You!

 Web Properties will be updated to 2019, and lasts for the full 365-day calendar. The Copyright Statement must be updated annually in the first month of a new year. 

✓ Offer is only good for 1 (one) Web Property per year.

✓ Offer is only good for the following Web Property Developments:

The Studio Web Development
The Apartment Web Development
The House Web Development

* ✓ Web Properties with over 20 web pages qualify for 50% off the total Copyright Statement Service.

The Mansion Web Development

The Castle Web Development

If you provided your feedback but have not heard from us within 72 hours of the post, please contact us at 888-600-2011 X 2, or contact your Web Property Developer directly.

~Time Is Of The Essence~

Our firm designs Web Properties (websites) for small businesses and startups. We are committed to providing a simple and affordable way for  Web Property Owners to maintain their website. Web Insurance Plans are only available to GriotSites Web Property Owners. Join the GriotSites Family and enjoy exclusive Web Tools and Services.

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