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Duplicating Your Web Property Files

When a new Mobile or Responsive Web Property is developed, we recreate these web files on a special "server" space by duplicating your current Desktop web files first. After duplicating each web file, we go in and make sure that the duplication process is a success on each new web page. We check for shifting or missing content, BUT, we do not check for misspelled words, grammar issues, or the accuracy of established content such as PayPal links. Our job is to duplicate everything and connect it all after duplication is completed. 

Checking and Repairing Hyperlinks

We manually check all Internal and External links to make sure that they are not broken during the duplication process. If a broken link is detected, it (the link) is repaired using the same script from your Desktop. These web files are not connected or linked to your Desktop until we move them to the same space or area where your Desktop web files are housed. 

No Updating, Editing, or Modifying Web Files

We are not allowed to make updates or changes during the production period while developing new web files because to do so, we would have to leave one workspace and enter the "home" workspace were your Desktop is located. This can become confusing and cause a lot of duplication errors to your new web files. We consider this a "liability" if we go outside of the process; therefore, we do not work on web files that are not a part of the Mobile or Responsive Web Development project.

So, Can I make Corrections to my new Mobile or Responsive Web Development? 


Only request edits to your Mobile or Responsive that does not require the same edits to your Desktop!

The rule of thumb is:  

Only request edits or modifications on a Mobile or Responsive Web Property Development that's in progress if:

1. The edit request is for an error that was made during the Site Mirror or web file duplication process. 

2. The error was made by a WIPS during the development process.

3. The request does not require an edit or change to the Desktop Version of your Web Property. 

A new Mobile or Responsive Web Development is not a part of your Desktop Web Development as of yet, so, we are not authorized to modify your Desktop Web Property until after you've signed off on all Mobile web files AND we've connect your Mobile or Responsive Web Development to Your Desktop.

Once this is done, you can submit your requests for modification, corrections, updates, and edits for both Web Developments.

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