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Although we offer "free" SSL Certificates, we also offer Standard or Premium SSL Certificates for Domain Name Owners who desire the security that a paid certificate carries.

The Standard and Premium SSL Certificate will provide industry-standard encryption and is recognized by major web browsers and devices. Here are the benefits of these certificate types:

• Allows the installation of a Dedicated IP Address because, unlike "Free" certificates, you are assigned your own private IP Address.

• Longer certificate terms. Free SSL Certificates will auto renew every 3 months. Premium and Standard SSL Certificates carry 1 to 3 year terms.

• Each certificate carries a specific level of warranty between $100,000.00 - 1,000,000.00 

What are the advantages of a Premium Extended Validation (EV) SSL certificate for your business?

Web Properties (websites) secured with a company validated certificate display a green or gray address bar, showing visitors that your organization's credentials have been authenticated according to a stringent, standardized vetting process. 

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Our firm designs Web Properties (websites) for small businesses and startups. We are committed to providing a simple and affordable way for  Web Property Owners to maintain their website. Web Insurance Plans are only available to GriotSites Web Property Owners. Join the GriotSites Family and enjoy exclusive Web Tools and Services.

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